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Most 'biblically hostile' president ever is ...

As if the Obama administration’s mandate that Catholic employers – against church doctrine – pay for their employees’ birth control wasn’t outrage enough to America’s religious faithful …

Now faith and American freedom historian David Barton of WallBuilders has drafted a documented list of 50 anti-Christian and anti-Jewish actions Obama has taken since assuming office, leading Barton to conclude Barack Obama is actually “America’s most biblically hostile U. S. president.”

“When one observes President Obama’s unwillingness to accommodate America’s four-century-long religious conscience protection through his attempts to require Catholics to go against their own doctrines and beliefs, one is tempted to say that he is anti-Catholic,” Barton writes. “But that characterization would not be correct. Although he has recently singled out Catholics, he has equally targeted traditional Protestant beliefs.”

Barton suggests his list – which includes links to stories from NBC, WND, the Los Angeles Times, Christianity Today and dozens of sources – demonstrates a pattern of “disrespectful and appalling treatment” toward anyone who holds to biblical values.

“Perhaps the most accurate description of his antipathy toward Catholics, Protestants, religious Jews and the Jewish nation would be to characterize him as ‘anti-biblical,'” Barton writes. “And then when his hostility toward biblical people of faith is contrasted with his preferential treatment of Muslims and Muslim nations, it further strengthens the accuracy of the anti-biblical descriptor. In fact, there have been numerous clearly documented times when his pro-Islam positions have been the cause of his anti-biblical actions.”

Among the 50 actions taken include the following:

“Many of these actions are literally unprecedented – this is the first time they have happened in four centuries of American history,” Barton concludes following the full list. “The hostility of President Obama toward biblical faith and values is without equal from any previous American president.”