If Mitt Romney is like an an Etch-a-Sketch, then Barack Obama is like a Mr. Potato Head.

Create a different persona for a multitude of identities and backgrounds with your kit!

Name: Barry Soetoro? Barack Hussein Obama? Soebarkah? Mix and match these names and even a few others for loads of fun!

Place of birth: Born in Kenya? Born in Hawaii? Born somewhere else? You get to decide, or try all three!

Citizenship: Kenyan? Indonesian? U.S.? Not sure? It’s fun to play out all the possibilities!

Selective Service registration: The kit includes official looking cards and facsimile USPS date stamps. Let your creative skills run wild!

Student status: The “foreign student” makeup kit is one choice running popular now.

Religion: Raised as a Muslim in Indonesia? Raised as a Christian in Hawaii? No declared religion? No problem. The kit accommodates all persuasions.

Social Security number: The Connecticut SSN referring to date of birth in 1890 is a popular number. But there are others, too! Go for it!

Have fun!


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