A Muslim who claims to represent an organization of Islamic nations, a group advocating for an Islamic caliphate, has threatened to eliminate WND and its employees “within America” and kill U.S. soldiers if it does not respond appropriately to his demands to alter its news reporting.

“If you do not comply then WND and it’s (sic) employees will become targets for our UIA agents who will eliminate you within America,” said an email today from Faarooq al Mohammedi, who has said he is working on behalf of a Muslim organization called United Muslim Nations International organization.

Although the potential for the threat is unclear, since Mohammedi appears to be located in or near South Africa, WND has turned over the information to appropriate law enforcement authorities.

The email, sent to an address for a WND staff member, said, “If you think this is a joke then an example shall be made. I’m asking you again very nicely, the choice is yours … U.S. soldiers killed en mass in the Middle East or yourselves (sic) become Targets (sic) within American and trust me we are very capable of conducting such an operation but we place emphasis on Peace.”

Mohammedi originally contacted WND, warning the news agency to “moderate” its reporting on issues involving Islam because of the way Muslims may react. He later implied a threat, saying, “There’s an easy and peaceful way in which people can come to terms based on common grounds of mutual respect and there’s the other way and it’s called silence.”

When the original message was received, WND contacted Mohammedi to ask him to explain his concerns, and he provided a telephone number that appears to be in Africa.

But he did not cite any specific issues with WND’s reporting.

The latest contact warned, “I am not sure if you are aware of how serious this matter is?”

“We don’t need to shut down WND to make a statement, we can simply show the Muslim world the kind of religiously racist and Islamophobic activities that are conducted in America and it can spark a mass riot in places where America has military bases which can cause destruction to U.S. soldiers like what happened recently in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” he wrote.

“The question is are you willing to risk the lives of those whom your government has deployed in our lands? Think carefully about what I’m asking from you very nicely, all we want is for WND to comply with non-racist, non-Islamophobic, no hate mongering incitement policies. We want peace that’s all but if the American media don’t want to listen we will react.”

He offered to keep “al-Qaida and the Taliban at bay” if his demands were met.

WND Founder and Editor Joseph Farah, responding to the first email, said, “Isn’t this interesting? This guy makes an indictment, but can provide zero evidence to back it up. Nevertheless, he is making sweeping threats about shutting down WND and enlisting the help of unnamed governments.

“This is why Americans who believe in free speech must never permit international agencies to be involved in policing the Internet. Nor can we afford to allow ourselves to be bullied into self-censorship and standards of ‘political correctness’ by special interest groups.”

WND sources suggest that Mohammedi is not a “serious player.”

Pamela Geller, who writes at AtlasShrugs and long has waged battles against the encroachment of Islamic religious law in the United States, said while she was not familiar with the group, the methodology is common.

“The tactic is pure Islamic supremacist intimidation, a tried-and-true strategy that they employ frequently,” she said. “They cannot answer us, so they try to shut us down.”

Geller repeatedly has fought over the right to have ads criticizing Islam in the same locations as ads that promote Islam. She frequently has to go to court to get the same access that pro-Islamic organizations are freely granted.

Mohammedi told WND in the telephone interview that his concern is that publishing material he doesn’t like “creates a problem on a global scale.”

“Some people have different ways of reacting to different articles that are published,” he said. “We’re trying to prevent certain unwanted events from happening due to these publications.

“We need that (publication) to come to an end because if you want peace and stability around the world, you would need these things to come to an end as well.”

While Mohammedi said the organization’s website was not operating, WND located a site that appeared to represent the organization.

The site states: “The true Muslim stands firm and strong against the Kufar (unbeliever), we the Mu’min will always defeat the Kufar and we have love amongst each other.”

The site also said its headquarters is in Jerusalem and explained, “We are not only an organization on a path to unite the entire Muslim Ummah, we are an organization of international human rights as per the commandments/Shariah (Divine Law) of the almighty Allah in the blessed Holy Quran and as prescribed by the Sunnah (examples) of our beloved Nabi (prophet) Mohammed.”

Links there lead to articles titled “The World under the Islamic Caliphate,” “Hezbollah,” the “Palestinian Liberation Organization,” “Islamic Organization of North America” and others.

A WordPress site also appears to represent Mohammedi.

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