Good Morning, Mr. Zahn. I just finished reading your article, “Most biblically hostile president ever is …” It was so refreshing to read your article. Further, to see an article so well done that included actual facts and dates to support what you are stating was a breath of fresh air.

There is a “however,” though. Before I go into that, let me start with an old adage.

“If it looks like a duck … waddles like a duck … quacks like a duck … then it’s a duck.”

Back when Obama was first elected, he went on an apology tour of the Middle East. Further, he treated Israel’s prime minister, shall we say, very disrespectfully. The same for our allies in England. However, he bows to the Saudis (more fuel or credence to your article).

He has also stated that “this country (America) is not a Christian country.” You mention the Islamic or Muslim faith items he observes. The most beautiful thing he has ever heard is the “morning call to prayer.”. He has so-called misspoken in an interview about his Muslim faith (quickly changed and let off the hook by George Stephanopoulos).

In other words, sorry to say, Obama is NOT a Christian. So my only complaint, you eluded to the things I say, but did not go far enough in stating them.

Thank you again for your incredible article.


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