This weekend, about 5,000 atheists are gathering in the National Mall in Washington to hold a “Reason Rally” and demand a completely secular approach to government.

Larry Taunton is founder of the Fixed Point Foundation and author of “The Grace Effect”.  He says just the name of the event sends a message that people of faith are supposedly irrational and he wonders why secular activists aren’t happy with the pace at which government is severing all ties to expressions of faith.

“They are suggesting they are the reasonable people in our society, they’re the enlightened ones, the rest of us are completely irrational and unreasonable,” Taunton told WND.

Taunton tells us how much clout secularists have in Washington and why the Soviet Union, Red China and Nazi Germany are stark examples of what happens when godless regimes are in power.

“A purely secular regime isn’t a place where you want to live, it’s a government that has no regard for either body or soul.

“It’s a worldview that ultimately leads to the gulag, the gas chamber and the gallows.”

He also explains why he’s troubled by the secularist words, actions and attitudes of President Obama.

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