You remember why we had to bail out those Wall Street firms and those banks and General Motors.

They were too big to fail, we were told.

And maybe today you’re wondering why the entire media establishment, the popular culture, the political establishment and even much of the “alternative” press won’t ask the tough questions about Barack Obama’s past – even his constitutional eligibility for office.

I think it’s the same game.

Obama is too big to fail.

There’s just too much wrapped up in the con game he has played.

To admit mistake now is to admit failure before.

The whole system is perceived to be hanging in the balance. So even many of those in the media and politics who would like to see Obama replaced in the November election can’t bear the thought of admitting failure in the past.

Could it be that simple?

I wish I could tell you some of the things I’ve heard and witnessed in recent weeks that absolutely, unequivocally convince me this is the problem we face today with this “birther” story.

It’s a case of political correctness run amok – the truth be damned.

It’s not just liberals falling trap to this hypnotic spell. Conservatives are some of the most rabid deniers of reality and established fact. They won’t even look at the evidence for fear of being excommunicated from polite society.

Long ago, when this issue first arose in earnest, I remember some people telling me: “We could never pursue that. If Obama were found ineligible after the fact, there would be race riots in the streets.”

I don’t know about you, but I have never been afraid of the truth because of the possible consequences. I could never live a lie because it’s convenient to do so. If I could, I would be in another line of work.

I actually became a journalist because I liked pursuing the truth, no matter the costs.

I never longed to be a part of the in-crowd or the establishment. I have no desire to do so today. I just want to know the truth and share it with people.

The truth about Obama is becoming clearer to more people every single day – every poll shows it. Yet the establishment – again, even most of the “alternative” media that longs to be a part of the establishment – hides its collective head in the sand. They pray this story goes away. They’ll tell you it’s not a “winning issue.” They’ll tell you pursuing the truth on this matter is dangerous. They’ll tell you nobody wants to hear it.

That’s not what I see.

I see the American people way out in front of the intelligentsia.

They realize they were sold a bill of goods.

It’s no wonder the people who either sold those goods or stood by haplessly while someone else did the selling are now in covering their rear ends and hoping this story goes away.

It’s not going away.

I don’t care if Obama is too big to fail.

He has failed. He has failed to provide any credible evidence that he meets the constitutional qualifications for office. And his life before the presidency is still a well-guarded, well-kept secret – a riddle wrapped in an enigma inside a mystery, as Winston Churchill would have said.

Don’t you think that explains it?

People are always asking me why so many prominent people in Washington, New York and Hollywood seem incapable of seeing the king has no clothes. I think it’s obvious: The charade is too big to fail.

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