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Obama's destructive dehumanizing ideology

I have an ominous feeling about the years ahead. With Obama, we have crossed the line that separates ‘civil politics’ from ‘civil war disguised as politics.‘”

Tomorrow at high noon, “Americans in more than 130 U.S. cities will take a stand with one unified voice against Obamacare’s mandatory contraceptive and abortion-inducing drug coverage.” I will be speaking in my home state at a rally in Baltimore, Md. In thinking through what I have to say, I have been struck by the supremely tragic irony of America’s current situation. In the White House sits a man touted as the first “black American president” whose only claim to that recognition (his skin color) tacitly validates the inhuman, Darwinian understanding of race used systematically to oppress my dark-skinned ancestors during and after their “Time on the Cross” of American slavery. This pseudo-scientific ideology of racism involves categorizing human beings by purely physical attributes, without regard to their moral characteristics. Though it claims to have some foundation in empirical science, it involves willfully ignoring all that constitutes the special distinctiveness of the human species, an ignorant willfulness that makes empirical observation literally impossible. (We cannot observe what we refuse to see.)

Engineered with all the craftiness of evil, Obama’s election in 2008 represented the conceptual triumph of this dehumanizing ideology. Particularly with respect to the great moral issues of our time (shrewdly recast as “social issues,” whatever that means in today’s deceitful vocabulary), Obama represents the application of this dehumanizing view to all human beings in every facet of life. This has been especially clear in his unconscionable disregard for the intrinsic moral potential of human beings from the moment of their creation. From hence arise his relentless advocacy of so-called “abortion rights” up to and including infanticide; his shamefaced dismissal of the conceptual humanity of injured, disabled people like Terry Schiavo; and his destructive refusal to defend the unalienable rights of family founded upon the God-endowed human capacity consciously to recognize and accept the intrinsic moral obligations entailed by the act of procreation.

Having engineered legislation aimed at allowing the U.S. government to exert totalitarian control over the delivery of the nation’s health-care services, Obama’s faction has now declared its intention to use the unconstitutional power the Obamacare legislation purports to bestow in a bid to force all Americans to support and implement this dehumanizing ideology, however repugnant it is to their faith and conscience. This reminds me of the Fugitive Slave Acts of the 19th century, which in similar fashion purported to force all Americans to cooperate in the apprehension and return of enslaved human beings to the masters who claimed them as property, no different than stolen furniture or stray cattle. Worse than that, however, this new institution of inhumanity will not only force the sacrifice of conscience upon all Americans, it will force them to finance the rites of human sacrifice wherewith others worship the new idols of recklessly selfish hedonism and material ambition.

I live now along one of the routes fugitive slaves took to the North as they escaped from the slave dominion. My father once told me that my family name (originally Keys before my father changed the orthography) alludes to the fact that my ancestors were once held to be a species of property on the Key family plantation (the family that included Francis Scott Key.) It was the practice to identify slaves using their given name and the possessive formed from the last name of their owners. (Sam would be distinguished as Key’s Sam, for example.) It seemed at first incongruous to bear a name that constantly reminded me of the condition of slavery that marred my heritage. But over the years I realized that it also serves as a constant reminder of the existential root of my adamant unwillingness to surrender the birthright of liberty, and the moral and spiritual courage that was required to reassert and establish the claim to God-endowed humanity from whence it springs.

Ultimately that courage is founded upon the faith that both believes and trusts in God for the dignity of our humanity, no matter what conceptions the materialistic calculus of evil seeks to impose upon us. Obama is the agent of the forces who rely upon that materialistic calculus for their understanding of the world. To them people are no more than the accidental progeny of chemical slime, worth no more than the lucky chance that cursed them with the dysfunctional capacity for arrogant self-delusion. Though all too many Americans have yet to notice it, today we are engaged in a spiritual war to decide whether that view will prevail over the God acknowledging Declaration that gave rise to America’s liberty and justified its hope for human justice and dignity.

Tomorrow many people still loyal to that great Declaration will gather at the front lines of one battle in that great spiritual conflict. Together they will make orations to the Creator, asking His aid in the battle to restore our nation’s respect for “the laws of nature and of Nature’s God” invoked when the United States first claimed its rightful place among the nations of the earth. I will stand with them, knowing as I do so that I act in the spirit of my kin who, have suffered in America from the imperfect application of the self-evident truths in light of which we can recognize and fight against the evil that oppressed them. But it is also the spirit of those who battled the materialistic ideologies, blind to all humanity, which wreaked havoc and death in the gulags, concentration camps and killings fields of the 20th century. As I said in the aforementioned article, written soon after Obama’s perjured swearing-in (for he swore to uphold what he fully intends to overthrow):

I predict that American politics as we have known it is gone. And unless we Americans wake up, more than civil politics will end up dead. For there are other footsteps in this wilderness, left by leaders. … Mostly we do not know their names, nor can we mark the spot where their lives were overtaken because their compatriots did not wake up in time. But, with the Psalmist, I will fear no evil, for here as everywhere I see the footprints of the one who conquered death itself. Wherever they lead, there is life renewed.