Regarding “Breitbart editor: We won’t probe eligibility” – 
Ben Shapiro is doubtless a bright and capable fellow as new editor of However, Ben says the Obama presidential eligibility issue makes him yawn and pursuing it is “waste of resources.” Wake up, Ben! There’s no better way to roll back everything the Obama administration has executed than to assemble and trumpet mounting evidence showing that Barack Obama is a fraud and is constitutionally unqualified to be sitting president of the United States.

Constitutional ineligibility means Obama has no authority as sitting commander in chief. It means Obamacare is stripped from the law. It means that every bill signed by Obama into law is void. It means that all actions, policies, lawsuits, agreements or appointments that have been ordained, declared, promulgated or prosecuted by the executive branch of the federal government are not only ILLEGAL and have no force in law, regulation or practice, but are also potentially actionable.

In one fell swoop, therefore, the nightmare of the Obama administration and its legacy would be vanquished. Ben Shapiro apparently thinks that pursuing this goal, already moving forward from the 50-yard line, is a waste of resources. Unfortunately, Ben is not the only high-profile media conservative cowed on this issue who, strangely, invent reasons either to dismiss or avoid it. Like Ben, they don’t get it, or don’t want to get. But fearless WND, God bless them, understands all too well that Forgery-gate is Obama’s Waterloo.

Brian Green

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