Bob Unruh’s piece, “O’Reilly: I’m too busy to report on Obama eligibility,” contains a bone-chilling revelation about the Obama regime that should trigger an immediate congressional investigation, rouse the anger of every citizen and provoke outrage in every fiber of the U.S. media.

Just when we thought the Obama administration couldn’t sink any lower into the pit of depravity and thuggery, now it is asserted that members of the media were threatened with FTC investigations and the loss of their jobs if they reported on the Obama birth certificate issue. Some media individuals reportedly feared for their personal safety and that of their families. Alone, such mafia-style executive-branch actions telegraph that Obama’s released birth certificate is a forgery, and that Obama’s worst fear is an open vetting of his carefully concealed background.

In 2008, the American people thought they were voting for a president, not a mob boss. America as a constitutional republic is in grave danger from the policies and actions of “Caporegime” Baracka Hussein Obama. Every legal means should be undertaken to prosecute him and his administrative gang of thugs and extortioners before the United States spirals into dictatorship.


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