Concerning the Obama administration’s insistence on making birth control the ONLY issue surrounding Obamacare – is there some way you can get this following talking point going among all the right-thinking conservatives?

When Margaret Sanger began Planned Parenthood, she pushed abortion as its selling point. After a member of her new group pointed out to her that it would be in her best interest to lead with birth control, she changed her tactic. Abortion is too inflammatory. Birth control is much easier to defend.

Obama is using the reverse on us right now with great success. Conservatives in our media should be going hard on abortion, because it is the issue.

The moderators of the Republican debates began jumping on birth control to get in front of the issue, to make us all sputter about birth control while they let abortion slip by unnoticed.

It is time to get abortion on the front burner.

Cathy Caten

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