Well, they got what they wanted: a nice, juicy story with all the earmarks of racism, civil rights violations and possibly police mishandling of a case.

Seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed in Sanford, Fla., late last month. His death is attributed to George Zimmerman,

What more could the media ask for?

They just love it when the little guy gets beaten up by the big guy, and it’s especially good for headlines when the bad guy is a white male – and apparently an angry one at that – and the good-guy victim is a young minority, preferably black.

That’s what we have here.

Good guy: unarmed, young black shot dead while returning from a convenience store.

Bad guy: the man with the gun, an older “Hispanic white” – what’s that? – who apparently sees himself as a neighborhood watch volunteer. The police say he’s white; his family says he’s Hispanic.

The real problem is that crime statistics blur the line between white and Hispanic criminals; lump them all as whites and the numbers get skewed, but it keeps the race panderers happy.

Did he do it? Looks like it, but why? Was he provoked? Was he justified? Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law allows people to protect themselves with deadly force if they’re threatened.

Who knows exactly what happened? The stories vary, but the media theme that’s evolved is that this was a white-versus-black race crime. The white had the gun, and the black is dead; therefore, it’s intentional racism, a civil rights violation.

Media-wise – what else is new? The story is reported as though all blacks are put upon by whites, and all whites are racist, and, whoops, we’re back in the ’60s again!

It’s an easy explanation, and it’s firing up the troops who are always on the ready to stir racial discontent.

Barack Obama jumped right in to condemn the crime and said it could have been his son.

See? Victimhood and, remember, he needs the black vote in November almost more than he does the white.

The media coverage has made a federal case out of this – literally. The Justice Department is involved, and a grand jury investigation is in the works.

There’s fury that Zimmerman hasn’t been arrested – even though the investigation isn’t complete. In addition, he’s in hiding as more and more threats against him surface.

Those who rail against Zimmerman for what they see as vigilante justice are doing the same thing themselves, only in this case, it would be deliberate, intentional, planned murder – if in fact, they get to Zimmerman. He’s smart to stay hidden, but apparently not in protective custody.

On the other hand, the New Black Panther Party has a wanted poster on its website offering a $10,000 “bounty” for Zimmerman. They want him “ALIVE, not dead or harmed.”

There are rallies and protests in cities across the country. The Occupy Wall Street agitators latched onto the story and are using it as ammunition against the system. Supportive churches in New York City have led services and marches in support of Martin’s family.

The ACLU is involved, as is the NAACP. The Nation of Islam’s leader Louis Farrakhan is enraged, and he posted on Twitter: “Where there is no justice, there will be no peace. Soon the law of retaliation may very well be applied.”

Sounds like a threat to me.

Al Sharpton is out there leading rallies and protests, raising the specter of slavery.

Maybe it is the ’60s again, and maybe what these people really want is to get the people in the streets and stir up anger for all the alleged injustices blacks have suffered ever since the Civil Rights Act was passed.

Apparently, in their view, there’s been no progress, no positive changes, no justice at all. In their view, “The Man” is still white and powerful, and everyone of color, especially black, is under his thumb. It may not be 1800s-style slavery, but it’s slavery nevertheless and will not go away until … until …

Until, what?

The old line was, “Bring it all down, man.” It appears that what was old is now new and may be coming to a town near you. If this agitation spreads, you can expect it’s going to get ugly in the streets, and, quite frankly, any progress on the racial equality will be lost.

Unfortunately, the race baiters won’t give up until George Zimmerman is drawn and quartered, legally, of course, unless someone finds him first.

They won’t give up until there’s blood in the streets, because they see this as a way to teach whitey a lesson.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that this is an election year, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the man running for re-election as president is considered a black man. That he’s half white doesn’t count because his nice black side overrules whatever negatives his white half might bring to the mix.

If Barack Obama thought he had problems with the economy of this country or with international relations or with the war in Afghanistan, he ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

And poor Trayvon Martin is still dead, sacrificed to race activism while his mother endures the most desperate grief possible.

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