[To Joseph Farah:] I just found your column “When racism doesn’t make news.”

I moved from the San Francisco Bay area to Kansas City in the fall of 1999 to go to Bible school and teach in the inner city. I came to help. I quickly learned they did not want me. I got hired on to fill a quota.

in my first week, I had a 10-year-old girl tell me out of the blue, “We ain’t reading any babysitter club books, if you have that in mind. We ain’t reading books for white girls.” I was shocked, but that was just the beginning. It was so sad and unexpected, as I grew up in a fairly non-racist culture. In Kansas City, there is a thick, strong undercurrent of “reverse racism.” The whites tried to make up for some of their racism by turning over the city jobs to the blacks. The wealthy whites throw money at the black politicians and charities that are supposed to help these people, but often the money gets taken by the administrators and the children are not served.

I resigned fairly early on in my assignment at that school, as I couldn’t stand the abuse from the administrators and the kids. Life is too short.

I later taught refugees from Somalia and Sudan and Vietnam and a smaller handful of poor blacks and whites in KC at Della Lamb. There the refugees outnumbered the ghetto blacks, and the atmosphere was much more loving. I am not shocked but incredibly saddened that BLT (Black Liberation Theology) and simple dark racism is still so rampant in KC.

The cops don’t want to get involved. There is so much gang and drug violence in Kansas City that the cops’ attitude when i was there was to let them kill each other and get out of the way.


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