What mental giants you have among your readership! I am specifically referring to M.J. Lewis’ letter “Basing civil rights on feelings.”

Lewis states that, “No credible scientific evidence exists that sexual attraction is anything other than a preference of the individual.”

OK – but that preference is not made voluntarily. Lewis would have you think that homosexuals play a game of eenie, meenie, miney, moe and land on their own sex. At what age did Lewis decide to be heterosexual? Lewis also thinks that someone can become gay after reaching adulthood. I challenge anyone here to come up with an example.

Lewis goes on to say, “Anecdotal information based on feelings seem to be all that is needed as validation for liberals and those with arbitrary and negotiable morally standards.”

This is exactly my impression of the religious. Lewis really ate it on that statement.

“To base or convey a civil-rights status based on a feeling instead of an immutable trait like the color of skin or gender is wrong and opens the door for the next category of misunderstood deviants to muster enough political influence to gain similar preferential treatment.”

I wholly agree! This is the problem we secularists have with the religious. We see THEM as a category of misunderstood deviants who seek preferential treatment to protect THEIR feelings. WND is currently getting threats from a group of such deviants – Muslims.

Why, Kirk Cameron can’t even handle it that people will vilify him for his opinion of homosexuality and believes that he must be able to make such a statement with impunity. Well, he’s a celebrity of sorts – so he can’t.

Lewis doesn’t seem to know what a hypocrite is. Tolerance is putting up with someone with whom you don’t agree in the spirit of keeping the peace. You religious tend to strain that tolerance by repeatedly overstepping your bounds. Quit it and you’ll be tolerated. BTW – since when do the religious take unbelief lying down? I’ve been called a fool for not believing in a god. What kind of tolerance is that?

Now, about this whole business of not condemning the messenger when he’s quoting “God’s Law” to you … the messenger is a COWARD. He voluntarily carries and delivers this message which actually reflects his own biases, then blames it on the sender.

James Comerota

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