Molotov, I love you, brother. And I appreciate your scolding of Dr. Paul for his cheering Obama’s apology to Islam.

But something puzzles me about your unwavering support of the congressman. You see, I agree with you concerning Rep. Paul’s profoundly consistent approach to constitutional republicanism. I put him right up there with Alan Keyes as far as understanding our founding documents. I laud the congressman’s desire to deconstruct, wrecking-ball style, all of the current abominable alphabet soup agencies over which our founders would be calling for revolution.

We the people have sunk so far beneath the surface of the boiling frog pot that we can no longer perceive the true liberty that exists beyond its roiled surface.

However (and I know you saw that coming), how is it that Dr. Paul, for all his apparent wisdom concerning the meaning of the Constitution, is apparently oblivious to its underpinnings? The Constitution and Declaration find their foundations on spiritual verities from which they cannot be removed and still stand. But that seems to be lost on Congressman Paul. Our freedom is found in the one true God and our Savior Jesus Christ. All of our laws are based on (well originally, at any rate) the Ten Commandments and sundry biblical principles, all antithetical to Shariah. And yet it appears that Dr. Paul does not get this.

Shariah demands the eradication of all but Islam. Therefore it demands the eradication of the very foundation of our government. But Dr. Paul does not appear to perceive a conflict of interests with accommodating the very group of “believers” that seeks our destruction. It is as though he is unable to comprehend ideologically driven purpose.

That causes me great concern. Dr. Paul, as long he persists in this willful blindness to our sworn enemies (their choice, not ours), will no sooner get my vote than would someone who believes he will become a god, rule his own planet and people it by eternally impregnating his wife.

William Tomlinson

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