While MSNBC recently battered talk-radio giant Rush Limbaugh for calling Sandra Fluke a “slut” and “prostitute,” the cable news channel apparently looked the other way when it hired Al Sharpton, now a primetime host of MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation,” after he spewed the terms “homos,” “crackers,” “Chinamen,” “punk faggot” and the N-word freely.

On his March 5 “PoliticsNation” show on MSNBC, Sharpton ridiculed Limbaugh just as the talk-show host issued a second apology to Fluke “for using inappropriate words in a way I never do”:

“NEVER using inappropriate words? Is that a joke? … This is absolutely appalling. He tries to apologize and he manages to insult leftists. … I am flat-out not buying the excuse. … We still haven’t heard from the Republican leadership. Where are they? Where’s the outrage? Someone show some leadership! … The bottom line is this apology was bogus. He doesn’t sound like a guy who’s really, truly sorry. This is not good enough. He needs to be taken off the air!”

However, Sharpton has a history of using far more inflammatory words. The American Spectator posted audio of Sharpton spewing racist rhetoric before he was picked up by MSNBC. In the first clip, he calls David Dinkins, former mayor of New York City, the N-word:

“David Dinkins, you wanna be the only n-gger on television, only n-gger in the newspaper, only n-gger that can talk. Don’t cover them, don’t talk to them, ’cause you got the only n-gger problem. ‘Cause you know if a black man stood up next to you, they would see you for the whore that you really are.”

In yet another audio recording, Sharpton can be heard discouraging people from purchasing fried chicken from Chinese-owned restaurants or watermelons from Korean-owned shops:

“We’re the black chicken friers of the universe. We gonna go buy some Colonel Sanders chicken. Then the Chinamen comin’ and[inaudible] … Koreans sell us watermelons. We eat watermelons all our lives. But they gonna come cut it up, put it in a bucket with a rubber band around it, and we gonna buy it like it’s somethin’ and we didn’t know what it was.”

A third recording reveals Sharpton during a 1994 appearance at Kean College as he fires off about what he terms “Greek homos”:

White folks was in the cave when we were building empires. We learned to admire them, but they knew to admire us. We built pyramids without a truck, and we knew what architecture was. We talked philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.

In yet another recording released by American Spectator, Sharpton can be heard explaining the meaning of the term “cracker,” a racist term used to describe whites:

… white interloper. I said I was wrong. Cracker, though I think cracker is a certain personification of a certain type of person down South, just like redneck. I mean, you know, some people misinterpret cracker meaning all whites. It’s not true. But the confusion means you shouldn’t use it. I mean, sometimes being flippant, you say things you shouldn’t say because it gets in the way of your message and people don’t really understand what you’re saying.

The American Spectator also noted that Sharpton called the Jewish prosecutor in the Tawana Brawley case, “Mr. Hitler.” Also, the New York Post reported that he said, “I have no problem with Khalid Muhammad.” Khalid Muhammad was a black militant who called Jews “hooked-nose, bagel-eating, lox-eating, so-called Jews” with “hairy hands” that are “pimping the world.”

In his earlier years, Sharpton was also filmed calling someone a “punk faggot” during an appearance on “The Morton Downey Jr. Show”:

In 2007, Sharpton sang a different tune when he led the charge for Don Imus to be fired from his syndicated radio program and the simulcast version of the show on MSNBC for 11 years. Sharpton successfully urged companies such as American Express, General Motors, Proctor and Gamble and Staples to pull advertising until Imus was fired. He called Imus’ comments “abominable,” “racist” and “sexist” and said: “No one, even in the name of creativity, should enjoy a large consumer base when they denigrate people based on race.”

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