Dear Mr. Kupelian,

I just read your column “The Church of Sex,” and I have never been so stunned! I have served in the military for over 20 years and have seen my share of sin, but the ideas that Mark Driscoll is pushing go beyond the pale. Never would I have thought American society and Western culture would stoop so low as to debase the name of Christianity such as this.

I simply cannot believe this! I am shocked, enraged and without a rational response.

Have we become so debased that absolutely nothing is sacred anymore? Truly, America is on the path to total moral and spiritual destruction if such teaching is not vigorously refuted.

Thank you for bringing this into the spotlight and for your very logical and straightforward response.

While I have never been publicly outspoken about many of the outrages I have seen due to the status of my military service, this is the catalyst for me. For too long I, and too many others, have sat quietly biting our tongues as one domino after another falls. It’s time to be a “real” soldier and defend the principles of the traditional Christian family values that we claim we hold dear by speaking up and taking a stand. The noose of liberal anti-American and anti-Christian theology is about as tight as I can stand it.

You have captured a new and loyal reader.


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