It’s about time the Republican Party comes up with a plan on what to provide for women concern “reproductive health care” when we take away free abortions! [“Look who Democrats wheel out in ‘war on women'”]

As a pro-lifer, I have learned that most women do not want to kill their unborn children, but are terrified, pressured and do not have the resources to do anything else. What if insurance companies, instead of paying for elective abortions, were mandated to cover single-mom pregnancies? What if taxpayer dollars were diverted from Planned Parenthood to the pregnancy centers around the country to help support these women (as well as married women who just don’t know how they will support another child, etc.) so that women in this situation can 1) carry the child to term, 2) get help putting the child up for adoption to a mother and father, and 3) get financial help getting through their nine months.

Someone like Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich’s wife, Rick Santorum’s wife, or Mitt Romney’s wife should be speaking to American women about this kind of change, not to mention Newt, Rick and Mitt themselves!

Linda Webster

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