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Thanks, Mr. Farah!

In response to the story regarding the “gay hit list,” I was glad and heartened to see Joseph Farah of WND listed.

As a dedicated reader of WND and the hard-hitting news stories of today that other media will not touch, and a fan of their White House correspondent, Les Kinsolving of WCBM, AM 680 in Baltimore, I find that the inclusion of Farah in the gay hit list to be praise of the highest order!

Checking the gays’ page on Mr. Farah, one finds he is credited with statements that are at the very heart of what is wrong with America today, including teaching young school children the proper way to use a condom, the correct view that the Penn State scandal could be laid at the feet of LGBT acceptance in society, and other positions that reflect our moral decline and the consequences to our society.

I say, “HEAR HEAR,” Mr. Farah, keep the faith, stay the course, and continue to be the voice of responsibility!

Steve Smith