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Shocking new report: The case AGAINST college

“Get a college education.”

That piece of advice has long been one of the most universal and unquestioned beliefs of the Western world.

College, we’re constantly reminded, is not just the key to a good career and financial security; it’s a virtual baptism into a greater and more fulfilling life.

Yet, as dramatically documented in April’s Whistleblower magazine, “THE COLLEGE ILLUSION,” this almost sacrosanct belief in college is currently disintegrating before our eyes.

Even as Barack Obama attempts to buy off the youth vote by promising ever more government student loans and promoting college as a virtual civil right for the masses, a new reality is taking hold: For many, college is not the smartest thing to pursue after high school.

Obviously, to go into medicine, law, engineering or similar fields requiring standardized formal training and professional certification, higher education is still a must. But the idea, unquestioned for generations, that college is the ideal destination for all high-school graduates – that even those who have no particular interests or career focus should just go to college anyway, take courses, meet people, enjoy the wild social life, and try to obtain some sort of four-year degree while racking up crushing debt – is increasingly being questioned … and rejected.

There are many reasons, the most publicized of which is cost: Like everything else subsidized by government, today’s price-tag on a four-year degree from a prestigious school is stratospheric, meaning most graduates either come from wealthy families, win major scholarships, or – much more often – incur huge debts requiring decades to pay back. Daily news stories spotlight America’s hundreds of thousands of unemployed or underemployed college grads with gigantic debt burdens.

Then there is the jarring reality that the vast majority of professors lean left – many far left. This is no trivial matter, and predictably results in the ongoing indoctrination – some call it brainwashing – of millions of students every year. Indeed, the leftwing, secular-socialist orientation of the modern university has played a gigantic role in the steady transformation of the American mind.

“When young people’s values and common sense are hammered and manipulated for four or more years by authority figures bent on propagating a leftist worldview,” says Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian, “many students emerge from college profoundly changed – for the worse.”

Alongside the far-left politics is an almost surreal level of in-your-face sexual anarchy – often openly and officially celebrated on campus. And the flipside of such a hyper-sexualized and “tolerant” campus culture is an extreme intolerance toward traditional Judeo-Christian moral and religious values and the students that hold them.

As “THE COLLEGE ILLUSION” documents, the university experience has now racked up so many negatives – while increasingly failing to deliver on the vaunted promise of career and financial security – that young people in the age of the Internet and gee-whiz communications are exploring other ways to obtain the “higher education” they desire.

Highlights of “THE COLLEGE ILLUSION” include:

Fortunately, there is hope! “New options abound,” says Kupelian. “The Internet – as revolutionary today as the Gutenberg printing press was five centuries ago – offers endless opportunities for learning, including taking college courses from home. Trade schools, distance learning, community college, going into business, apprenticeships, internships and a hundred other opportunities beckon.”

He adds: “All that is necessary is to break free of the paralyzing fear that not graduating from college will result in failure. It’s not true.”

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