Making news events disappear by the new tactic (at least in the United States) of simply ignoring them is remarkably effective [“Media blackout on Obama eligibility near-total”].

One of my first experiences seeing this firsthand was at the July 4, 2009, tea party rally in the center of Boston. Hundreds of people were on the Commons. But the event was not mentioned on media, even local media. It was made to not exist. When the tea party marched on Washington, Obama ignored the hundreds of thousands of people outside the Capitol, and as I recall, left town and never even mentioned this historic event. In Georgia he refused to come to court for his eligibility hearing – and won after defying the court and without presenting a case, instead of losing by default and being cited for contempt. Now even the so-called “conservative” press – with the exception of WND – is blacking out any news about Obama’s eligibility or even his possible criminal acts.

I’m sorry, but I think the country is gone.

We don’t have a United States any longer. It is not a matter of keeping it from happening; it has happened already. We have a corrupted, failed government in all three branches, and in the fourth estate, the press, as well.

The only hope may be secession, which might preserve some states as islands of freedom.

Terence Brennan

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