In 2008, young voters overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama for president. Some surveys even suggest young Americans are more sympathetic to socialism than they are to capitalism. One of the reasons for these trends is the perceived greed and unfairness associated with capitalism and the free market.

Henry Olsen of the American Enterprise Institute is looking to reverse the tide among young people and every generation by releasing an eight-part series of very short books entitled “Values and Capitalism”.

“A lot of young Americans are being fed daily propaganda by the liberal media and if they’re going to college, by liberal professors. And what they hear is a lot of one-sided information about why the free-enterprise system and capitalism are bad,” Olsen tells WND.

Olsen tells us why he believes there’s an easy case to make for capitalism as the most fair and most moral economic system on earth. He explains some of the bedrock principles that people are simply not taught about capitalism and how those tenets impact views about taxes, the environment, trade, energy and much more.

“Capitalism is inherently moral because you keep what you earn and earn what you keep. Capitalism is fair because you’ve got an even shot at earning something and you’ve got a shot at keeping something.”

Olsen details why young people have been attracted to other movements and ideas in the name of fairness and justice. He also tells us why he thinks the Republican presidential candidates are not doing a great job of extolling the virtues of capitalism and how President Obama is teaching America that we should feel guilty about success.

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