Phyllis Schlafly pointed out that the nation was threatened by, “groups more interested in social experimentation and appeasing pressure groups than in building a fighting force.”Conservapedia, Women in Combat

Yes, I dare to say it out loud, and in bold: Women do NOT belong in the military other than traditional auxiliary positions.

I’ve long eschewed the insanity of femmies, their lack of logic and reason, their demand that we ignore God, nature and instinct to satisfy their whiny, childish and irrational say-so, and their refusal to accept the truth when their own studies out their selfishness for what it is. The ancient traditions of manipulating/faking pregnancies to trap a man, false and cowardly accusations of rape, arrogant insistence that they deserve more than their children – so “mine mine mine, now now now” – are things they have come to relish, rationalize, and reproduce. Horrific behavior justified to satisfy egocentric emotions.

“War is about fighting, killing and destroying. … a woman … in the military … needs to be aggressive and dominant. It is unsafe if she is not. Her comrades depend on her to be that way. … In her proper sphere … gentleness is perfectly in its place; in the military it can be life-threatening. Men are better suited to command forcefully.” – Mrs. Richard Downin, “Why Christian Women Should not Join the Military: A Plea from a Woman Veteran,” 2003

No place is feminists’ mentally ill self-worship more evident than their demand that war bend to their will. They deny that there are abilities and talents inherent within the sexes, a fact that is just that: a fact. They deny that God knew what He was doing when the first commandments out of the garden were gender-specific. They refuse to accept that no one, including God Himself, believes women can’t do it to some level, but that they shouldn’t be the ones to do it. Might explain why God, who constructed woman, chose to make her physically less-capable of combat. Hint hint.

Will femmies start demanding that nature stop being “sexist” and insist that men be allowed to have children, too? By their rationale, the fact that the male body is in no way built for such a task is evidence that Mother Nature needs to be knocked down a peg or two. Watch for an Occupy movement at the national parks, demanding her removal and replacing her with the likes of Gloria Allred. They’ll pass laws demanding that men bear children, too. Once those laws are in place men will be “free at last” to give birth. And Nature better comply!

That makes far more sense than having fish swim and birds fly. Stop holding back fish and birds; throw the fish in the air and the birds in the water! In the perverse mind of femmies everywhere, going with the strengths of the sexes is bigoted and makes you a big meanie fart face. (We’re dealing with femmies here, so the lingo of a bratty 6-year-old is necessary.)

Insane? Of course! But then, femmies have hardly been a bright bunch … or decent. They stood by Bill Clinton but destroyed Bob Packwood. They despise and decry Judeo/Christian ideals but are abominably mute on the horrors forced on women in Islam. From their start femmies have been self-centered and hypocritical, Stalinistic in their “because I said so” fury.

Political castration has devastated not just families and society, but decimated the once-greatest military on earth with cannibalistic glee, hellbent on societal, familial and gender self-destruction.

Then there’s the effect on men. Rick Santorum was correct when he said that women in frontline positions – and the inevitable that happens to those in frontline positions – were devastating emotionally; not because of female emotions, but because of male emotions.

“History shows that the presence of women has had a devastating impact on the effectiveness of men in battle. … The study revealed that men tried to protect and assist women rather than continue their attack. As a result, they not only put their own lives in greater danger, but also jeopardized the survival of the entire unit. The study further revealed that unit morale was damaged when men saw women killed and maimed on the battlefield.” – John Luddy in July 27, 1994, for the Heritage Foundation backgrounder

In short, there is something inherent in mankind that cannot accept the brutalization and carnage inevitable to men in war to be equally exacted upon women. That something compels the men to rally ’round the women to the detriment of everything, and everyone, else. The PTSD suffered by our male soldiers from what they see done to other men is bad enough; to see the same, and worse, upon women is enough to drive one to the mental brink. But along the way to that edge, their instincts to protect the female at all costs exacts just that: all costs.

It is a policy of failure in our last line of defense that ensures the failure of our last line of defense.

It also does what all socialist policies do – cater to the exception rather than the rule, a certain recipe for suicide and the basis for their “Amazon Chick” argument: Some women can do it like a man!

By “some” they mean the handful who may be biologically endowed with the natural aggression, commanding voice, denser skeleton and thicker musculature of a man. Those few are the basis for their mass justification of catering to that rare exception rather than the rule, upon which all righteous and natural laws are based. Of course, history has proven through mathematical patterns that ignoring the rule of law for the rare exception has defeated all once-great people.

There’s a reason it’s called “The rule of law.” The rule makes the law; the exception proves the rule.

Then there’s that favorite excuse of 12-year-olds everywhere: “Everyone is doing it!” This immature whine is now policy du jour.

The “popularity factor” is why femmies are quick to cite Israel as an example. Perhaps if they had practiced the logic of motherhood they would know that leaving out information necessary for a righteous judgment is lying.

What did they leave out? Israel abandoned the disastrous policy within weeks of establishing its defense forces.

“… the favorite American method of breaking war down into Military Occupation Specialties (MOS) distorts the issue. … [W]eaker physiques … put (women) at a disadvantage when it is a question of flying that helicopter 8 times a day in enemy fire, with the chance of being shot down, wounded, and forced to make their way back on foot. … Combat … is the toughest, most demanding, most terrible activity on earth. … The demands that it makes in terms of physical force, endurance, and sheer wear and tear are horrendous. … Are there some women who are capable of performing well in combat? Undoubtedly. Are most women physically less capable of doing so than most men? Undoubtedly. And that … is the best possible reason for excluding women from combat. The added overhead needed to incorporate those few exceptional females would be so large as to make the whole exercise counterproductive.” – Martin Van Creveld, “Why Israel Doesn’t Send Women Into Combat,” The Heritage Foundation,1992

Women in combat endanger everyone, cause mental illness for men who survive war and drive up the cost of national defense. No wonder the femmies want it; insanity loves company.

Women used to keep the home fires burning, because not only do the fires need to be fed and consistent, they need to be controlled lest they rage out of control. With women abandoning this vital post, we should not be surprised when the house burns down. It’s too late to save the structure, but the foundation is solid.

That means we can rebuild. Given our political castration, however, what are the odds we’ll do it?

“O ye subverters of all decency, who use men, as if they were women, and lead out women to war, as if they were men! This is the work of the devil, to subvert and confound all things, to overleap the boundaries that have been appointed from the beginning, and remove those which God has set to nature. For God assigned to woman the care of the house only, to man the conduct of public affairs. But you reduce the head to the feet, and raise the feet to the head. You suffer women to bear arms, and are not ashamed.” –John Chrysostom (AD 344-407), Homily on Titus

I’m ashamed of women for forgetting their nobility, ashamed of the irrational mentality that has rendered my sex into a “Fluke” of all that is natural and responsible.

We traded our well-suited godly occupation for some short-term ego feast, and set in motion self-destruction. All to satisfy selfish, irrational desires. We deserve destruction for rendering our society impotent. We freely chose it.

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