The U.S. Senate is a backed-up latrine that needs a good flushing at every senatorial election cycle.

Most of them are career politicians that are more dangerous to our freedoms than even Obama and his gang. John McCain loves to talk about bombing countries. McCain and Carl Levin authored the part of the NDAA that allows indefinite detention of American citizens. No American is safe from sinister maniacs like these. The Senate is overstocked with their kind, lovers of the Washington status quo and the endless gravy train.

It’s no surprise, then, that McCain would back Obama and undercut Sheriff Arpaio by his approval of John Leonardo as U.S. attorney in Arizona (“McCain, Kyl back Obama pick to slap Arpaio?”). After all, if Obama is flushed as a result of Arpaio’s dogged determination to expose the fraudulent president, it might expose, at the same time, the rot at the core of the Washington establishment.

Don Baxter

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