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Trayvon's tweets and black hate crimes

WARNING: This column contains crude language.

“Hoodie on the Hill” blared the Drudge Report headline, as the street theatre playing out over the shooting death of Trayvon Martin crossed over to the House floor. There, concealed by the by-now iconic hood and “gangsta” glasses was one Bobby Rush, a Democratic representative. Rush blessed Trayvon Martin’s departed soul.

The name Trayvon is soon to be a trademark. It may yet spawn a franchise, as the youth’s grieving mother has had the presence of mind to file with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

If you’ve managed to miss the news, Martin was a 17-year-old black youth, shot dead last month by a Hispanic man with a Jewish surname. George Zimmerman – who, for the purposes of the “Racism Industrial Complex” is being considered white – was patrolling a Florida gated community as part of his neighborhood-watch duties.

Other than that Martin was unarmed and that George Zimmerman has not been arrested, the facts of the case have yet to be established. Since then, the “Racism Industrial Complex (RIC)” (columnist Jack Kerwick’s coinage), has galvanized on behalf of Trayvon.

The Hollywood faction of the RIC sicced its followers on the wrong Zimmerman, after tweeting out an unverified address in the hope of getting the shooter lynched. Somewhere in the Sunshine State a retired Jew is on the lam.

Don Lemon, a (pi—poor) prime-time reporter for CNN and a pillar of the RIC, gave the hoodlum from Congress a most sympathetic hearing. Lemon’s RIC comrades in the corporate media were careful to air only images of a cherubic-looking Trayvon, aged 12.

Taken off his Twitter account, however, Trayvon’s image is much more menacing, with a Twitter feed to match.

“@NO_LIMIT_NIGA,” as Trayvon called himself, tweeted and retweeted about “ThickD-ckThursday,” a favorite “PickUpLine”: “My you have a longue tongue..What do you use it for?” And, having dispensed with the poetry, got dirty: “f–k a b–ch, any b–ch, who you want? Take yo pick, but you gone have to take yo time.”

Granted, Trayvon’s tweets are not germane to the facts of his slaying. They are, nonetheless, telling.

The facts of the case should be reviewed impartially, and the identity of the aggressor in the altercation that left Martin dead determined. The issue, of course, hinges not on who was armed, but on who was first to aggress.

While we’re sifting through the facts, let us have that “conversation about race” that, in its penchant for clichés, the “Racism Industrial Complex” is forever calling for. For the treatment of the Trayvon travesty masks the brutal realities of crime in the USA.

For every Trayvon victimized by a Caucasian American (to humor the hooded ones, let’s pretend Zimmerman isn’t Hispanic) – many more whites are brutalized by a black criminal class, members of which never get called out for what are crimes rooted in racial hatred.

Courtesy of Patrick Buchanan’s “Suicide of a Superpower” come the FBI’s crime figures for 2007: “Blacks committed 433,934 violent crimes against whites, eight times as many as the 55,685 that whites committed against blacks. Interracial rape is almost exclusively black-on-white, with 14,000 assaults on white women by African-American males in 2007. Not one case of white sexual assault on a black female was found in the FBI study.” (Page 243)

“In the same time period as the Trayvon Martin incident,” documents VDARE’s Peter Bradley, “a multitude of anti-white attacks by blacks occurred that remained strictly local news.”

This month, in Tulsa, Okla., Tyrone Dale David (a black youth) raped and beat to a dead pulp an 85-year-old lady, Nancy Strait. The RIC gang would probably deny that racial subjugation was an element of this abominable act. (That, presumably, leaves octogenarian sexual attraction as a motive.)

Below is Bradley’s verbatim tally of the forgotten Caucasian casualties of black hate crimes, during the months of February and March of this year. As Bradley observes, in most of these attacks “there were clear and obvious signs of racial motivation.” And, “Almost all of the black-on-white attacks involved multiple black attackers against white children, the elderly or the handicapped”:

An even treatment of the Trayvon travesty would recognize and dignify these victims of racial animus and aggression – and thus affirm the reality of violent crime in this country, as opposed to the fiction of black victimization.

The racial extravaganza that has been staged by the “Racism Industrial Complex” must be countered, first, by an impartial examination of the facts of this case.

On the facts, an honest conversation about race would quickly dispense with the canard that blacks are habitually persecuted by whites. They are not.

Such a dispassionate, contextualized discussion of the reality of crime in the U.S. would invariably lead to the conclusion that the alleged “white” offender in the Trayvon travesty must be regarded as a statistical anomaly.