Republicans are making a fierce push to take the majority in the U.S. Senate in the November elections. One of the fiercest fights will be in Missouri as the GOP looks to defeat first-term Democrat Claire McCaskill. Right now, the leading Republican contender is former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman.  She tells us why she believes McCaskill needs to be unseated and how her philosophy on jobs, the economy and health care stand in stark contrast to the votes McCaskill has taken in Washington.

“McCaskill doesn’t represent the values that Missourians hold anymore. She has rubber-stamped every failed policy of the Obama administration and we need to send her packing. That’s why I’m running for U.S. Senate, I know we can move this country in much different direction with different people in Washington.”

Steelman also makes her case for why she is the best choice for conservative voters among the Republicans in the race.

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