Everyone wants to weigh in on Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke.

The fuss is over whether insurers should be required to cover contraception. Many are offended by Limbaugh’s choice of words but agree with his premise: that mandated contraception coverage amounts to paying for someone’s sex life.

Two facts are missing from the discussion. First: Insurers have been paying for Viagra for years. This means the every insured American is being forced to pay for Grandpa’s last few swings at the bat, helping him feel young again. Now I remember when this first came to light. Everyone got a good chuckle out of the notion that extending a man’s years of sexual activity should be regarded as medical necessity. But there was no outcry, no public outrage, no slams that randy old men were forcing insurers to compromise their morals with their surreptitious trips to the pharmacy. But the issue is the same as the one that Republicans are inexplicably staking their claims to the White House on: personal sexual choices that insurance companies pay for.

Why so much moral outrage over the Obama’s administration to force insurers to cover contraception? Well, because it’s women, of course. When the tea party took over Congress in 2010, everyone should have understood that a woman’s reproductive choices would once again become everybody’s business. A Republican takeover of the House of Representatives could only mean one thing: Unlike randy old men, women’s sexual choices should be regarded with suspicion and indignation. Why? Because they are women. When top Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., held a hearing on mandated contraception coverage, not a single woman was invited.

Oh, and the other fact rarely mentioned in this current debate: Immediate access to contraceptives is essential for a woman who has been raped. But since every single Republican running for president believes that a woman should birth her rapist’s baby. That’s a non-issue for them.

(Yes, even Romney believes that.)


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