Why is it when an American burns the Quran, Muslims threaten the United States, but when Muslims burn the Bible, our flag or execute Christians, this administration stays silent? Are there any true American patriots in Congress that will stand up for our country? How long can we as Americans trust our government to defend America? Have we already lost the war for America? What the hell has happened to us as a nation? Have we turned into a nation of cowards?

Please, let’s stand together with one voice and let our government know we will not surrender our country to the enemy from outside or from within. If you have never written or called your elected officials, I am pleading with you to do so NOW! It is our country to lose if we do not speak up. But before you do, please get on your knees and ask God to forgive us for what we allowed to happen to our country; and ask Him to restore the courage to our government officials and the American people so we can take back America.

God bless America!

Harry Accornero

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