As I pondered the exponential increase in the quantity and intensity of far-left propaganda of late, the degree of misdirection being employed by the left and the Democratic machine’s attempts to make contraception (of all ridiculous things at this juncture) a campaign issue this year, I came across some interesting information. At first blush, it might appear to feed into the aforementioned misdirection, but it is quite germane to the discussion – assuming the discussion centers around the dissolution of our republic by a cabal of radical socialists.

In the upcoming film “October Baby,” a young woman traces the history and circumstances of a repressed traumatic birth experience with its genesis in her having been the survivor of a failed abortion – one in which the baby actually survives the procedure. In her case, she was adopted shortly afterward, knowing nothing of her origins until a frightening episode occurs when she is 19.

According to the film’s producers, the protagonist’s experience is culled from the accounts of hundreds of botched abortion survivors.


Yes; as it turns out, there are perhaps thousands of people born since 1973 bearing deep psychological scars from having been unceremoniously scraped from their mother’s wombs and – miraculously – living to tell about it. I imagine I don’t have to explain to the initiated conservative news junkies out there why we haven’t heard any reportage on this fascinating if deeply disturbing phenomenon.

In Columbia, S.C., alongside Route 277N adjacent to a low-income housing project, there’s a huge billboard that describes in histrionic tones how lawmakers are trying to end birth control. This is a patent lie, but one that will go unchallenged for a couple of reasons: One, it’s targeting those who may not be in tune with the daily news and laws being passed in D.C. Two, those who are in tune with the daily news and laws being passed in D.C. don’t typically frequent low-income housing projects in South Carolina.

I recall quite well the public debate over abortion in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Essentially what ensued was a liberal propaganda campaign targeted at coercing the public into accepting abortion, which culminated in Roe v. Wade. Victims of incest and rape were showcased, as were women whose lives might be put at grave risk due to pregnancy. Abortion would be, as Bill Clinton echoed years later, “safe, legal and rare.”

As a result however, abortion became a means of contraception for the careless and indulgent, stem-cell research became a cottage industry, and there are people running around with traumatic birth experiences related to their unwilling participation in failed abortions. The insidious incrementalism of this culture of death has become painfully evident in recent discussions among ethicists who now argue that abortion should be extended to include newborns, according to a paper just published in the Journal of Medical Ethics.

Volumes have already been written on the destructive and demoralizing ramifications of our acquiescence to liberal policies over the years, whether one cites economy-stultifying over-regulation, confiscatory taxation, milquetoast foreign policy, or the insinuation of libertine morality into our worldview. While the left continues to blame other agencies for problems they have caused or exacerbated, that’s just par for the course; denial is their thing. There isn’t anywhere liberals can point to illustrate the moral high ground that retroactive abortion or societal suicide occupies without comprehensive misrepresentation, propaganda, or outright lies.

Americans at large must arrive at – and then feel comfortable articulating – the truth that liberal policies are manifestly evil. Presented to us in an attractive altruistic, compassionate wrapper, they were in fact poisonous fare, formulated by the worst among us. Such people have raised the lie to a high art, that they might cheat Americans of their birthright, steal the fruits of our labor and even kill, as evidenced by their conspicuous lack of value for life.

This is neither about religion nor race; anyone with a grade-school education and a modicum of human decency can tell that this liberal-socialist doctrine we’ve been sold is retrograde. It is shepherding us backward, not forward, in terms of social development.

There’s no shame in admitting that one was fooled. Continuing to advocate for deception in the face of the truth makes one a fool, however – and foolishness has never been part of the American pedigree.

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