Joseph Farah isn’t interested in anyone’s spiritual progress. He loves money, fame and power, nothing more. He openly disregards his own teachings about pride with the same familiar word-jugglery as the people he criticizes. Farah’s role is to distract you from the truth, just as any other prominent voice in this world is doing. What truth are they distracting you from?

For starters, the fact that Satan has taken over our land and our world. Satan has come in the form of the banker, not just in violation of all scriptural condemnation of loaning money at interest, but really at the lowest form of money-lending one could imagine, where no actual money of the bank is loaned, but simply printed out of thin air. Truly Satan’s work.

In case your preacher (probably silenced by banker money) hasn’t taught you, all the scriptures of the world condemn the loaning of money at interest. In fact, the condemnation of loaning money at interest is found many, many more times in the Bible, Torah and Quran than any other sinful activity. Jesus’ one act of anger was displayed against the money-lenders in the Temple.

There is no mystery why God abhors money-lending. There is a simple and concise mathematical axiom that clearly demonstrates money-lending at interest, repeated ad infinitum, results in the total acquisition of all property (through default) by the money-lender. In other words, banking is a deliberate strategy employed to bankrupt and enslave. Central banks, like the Federal Reserve, were created for the sole purpose of bankrupting the nation and enslaving its population. We are already far enough along this path that the evidence of the eventual outcome is clear. We will own nothing, and we will work for the bankers: people who produce nothing, give nothing of their own in the process and, most importantly, openly defy God.

Ask Mr. Farah why he is so concerned about Obama’s birth certificate, who caused 9/11, same-sex marriages and the like, when Satan has taken the high seat in our country through the banks. If Farah cared about what he says he cares about, this fact that Satan has taken over our land and degraded each of us into godlessness would be his first concern and highest priority.

Ask yourself why you have never heard your leaders, religious and other, discuss this greatest of all sins, and why you were led headlong into a life of debt to the devil. You are the devil’s servant, and that you will remain so long as bankers exist. Banking is the greatest evil in our world today. Learn the truth, reconcile yourself toward God by banishing banking from your life, and teach others how they have been deceived.


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