In light of the last several years, I think it’s time we acknowledge that “The Star Spangled Banner” no longer reflects who we have become as a nation. That song was written for people who had endured hardship and loss to preserve freedom.

The Boomers and their children think that hardship is not being able to get the concert or movie tickets you want for this weekend. Loss is when your life is ruined by not getting into the college you really wanted, and you were forced to go to a state university.

The Boomers and their offspring have also shortened the world “freedom” down to something more meaningful to themselves: free. Housing should be free. Education should be free. Health care should be free. And pretty much anything else they want and haven’t been given the money to pay for should be free. That way, the money they are given can be used for things they really want: Like those concert or movie tickets for this weekend.

In view of all these free revelations, I suggest that we change the national anthem from “The Star Spangled Banner” to that great Platters hit: “Yes, We’re the Great Pretenders.”

Few songs embody the spirit of our age quite as well as that Platters hit.

  • Congress pretends that it is legislating for the good of the nation when it passes Obamacare, but individual members couldn’t be bothered to read it before voting on it. 
  • Obama, that great constitutional scholar, pretends that he is a natural born citizen and qualified for the office of president, when his mother was too young to grant citizenship and his father was of British nationality.
  • Wall Street contends that mistakes and greed don’t matter, because the Federal Reserve will print more money to bail them out from the consequences.
  • Social Security pretends that when the Boomers retire, there will be enough money in the general treasury fund to pay back those IOUs they got in return for the payroll taxes employers and employees have paid all these years.
  • The State Department pretends that Iran will behave responsibly toward Israel once it has nuclear weapons.
  • The abortionists pretend that they’ve killed 55 million babies to save the lives of their mothers.
  • The feds pretend that allowing 55 million illegal immigrants into America to make up for the aborted taxpayers will somehow solve the demographic time bomb strapped to the backs of the Boomers.
  • The intelligence agencies pretend that they can read every email, fax, letter and listen to every phone call made by citizens without destroying our freedom or turning the information over to political enemies.
  • Homeland Security pretends that they can run 20,000 domestic surveillance drones over America in a few short years without us noticing that the Constitution’s protections from government search and seizure have been completely violated.
  • High-level military officers pretend that Obama has the necessary constitutional qualifications to act as commander in chief and prosecute junior officers and enlisted soldiers who speak out, while the brass bow to the orders of a usurper.
  • Public-sector unions pretend that sky-high salaries and benefits packages can continue on even after an employee has retired and been replaced by a new hire.
  • Public school teachers pretend they are educating our children even while they help them to cheat on the exams that test for student competency.
  • Environmentalists pretend that flooding bankrupt “green” energy firms with taxpayer dollars is good for the economy.
  • Retirees pretend that the stock market is going to come back, along with house prices, while those missing 55 million babies never work, pay taxes, save for retirement or buy a house.

Yup, we’re the great pretenders. No one else notices. Rock on.

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