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A question to ask every candidate

Though the issue of Barack Obama’s eligibility is heating up again, I’d like to suggest a way that every single, politically conscious U.S. citizen can engage in the pursuit of truth prior to Election Day.

And, don’t worry, it won’t cost you a penny, but it might help save the country from disaster.

I’ve been inspired by citizen activism on this matter all along. Without it, WND’s quest for the truth would have been stifled years ago.

Obviously, the Democratic Party establishment is going to do everything possible to ridicule anyone who suggests Obama is involved in a game of deception if not outright fraud.

Worse has been the response by the Republican establishment, which not only refuses to question Obama’s credentials but seriously entertains the idea of nominating a clearly ineligible candidate for vice president.

Then there’s the media establishment. You know something is wrong when these three institutions are all reading from the same script.

The idea springs from what citizen Tom Ballantyne Jr. did in a recent town hall meeting with Arizona U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Flake. You can see some of it and hear all of it thanks to a video camera he brought to the event. And note the reception he got for his brave question!

The response from Flake can now be characterized as “the Flake Dodge.”

He said he believes Obama is a citizen.

But that is not, nor has it ever been, the question.

The only question that is relevant vis a vis Obama’s eligibility for the presidency is whether he is a “natural born citizen,” as the Constitution requires.

Then there is the recent questioning of Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Mo., also captured on video tape.

Knowing what I know about the high-handed pressure tactics of the Republican leadership to run away from this controversy, Hartzler is a brave woman for even expressing guarded doubts about Obama’s birth certificate. But, when she says, “They say it’s OK,” you have to ask yourself, as Floyd Brown of the Western Journalism Center did, “Who is ‘they’?”

With the evidence mounting daily that Obama is not a “natural born citizen” and that his alleged birth certificate is a crude fraud, as WND reported shortly after it was released, a finding now confirmed by the only law-enforcement investigation conducted on the matter, I would suggest citizens attending such meetings follow Ballantyne’s lead and get very, very specific in their questioning of presidential candidates, Senate candidates and candidates for the House of Representatives.

The key is to evoke something more than the scripted and “safe” answers from the politicians.

Here is the question that should be asked and an appropriate follow-up suggestion should the response be a predictable political dodge:

“Do you believe Obama is a ‘natural born citizen,’ not merely a U.S. citizen, but a ‘natural born citizen’?”

If the politician tries to sidestep the issue by asking the citizen journalist what he means by “natural born citizen,” the good citizen should respond: “Never mind my definition – I’m not running for office. Do you believe Obama is a natural born U.S. citizen?”

I can pledge that any video or audio recordings of such questions and answers will be posted forthwith at WND. Just send them directly to me.

This is one of the ways you, in partnership with the only news agency that has followed this story since 2008, can crack this case wide open and expose the national political and media sham we have been witnessing for far too long.

Are you with me?

Ready, set, go.

Lights, camera, action!

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