(SMH) — MOST church-goers see no great conflict between their beliefs and life in a market economy such as ours. But proponents of the little-known ”sabbath economics” argue Christ’s teachings have been reinterpreted over the centuries to make them fit with modern capitalism.

All I know about sabbath economics comes from the little book, The Biblical Vision of Sabbath Economics, by the Californian theologian and teacher, Ched Myers. I’ll give you my summary of the book provided you don’t presume I’m an advocate. It is an interesting topic for an Easter Monday.

”Sabbath” (seventh day) refers to the biblical injunction – mainly honoured in the breach – that the Jews practise ”jubilee”. Every 50th year (that following the passing of seven times seven years), slaves were to be freed, people were to be released from their debts and land returned to its original owners.

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