Re: “Obama or Romney: The republic fails either way“:

Wow! I couldn’t agree more! Romney is not only a socialist RINO, but he is a consummate liar.

Look at how he has twisted the heads of people who otherwise seem to know which end is up. Marco Rubio’s endorsement came as a total shock. Romney cannot win against Obama. Countless reliable Republican voters (like me) will simply not vote for the lesser of two evils. I am no longer willing to do that. I would never have done that for president.

Perhaps we don’t have great choices this time around, but we do have one candidate who can make a huge difference. That’s Gingrich.

Gingrich managed to take some pretty “extreme” positions in the past, and not only got away with it, but actually got some things done. Yes, he’s made mistakes. But he is probably by far the most intelligent and the wisest of the candidates.

I am outraged that Romney attacked Gingrich like he did, perhaps killing his chances. People should reject Romney for that reason alone. If Romney is that willing to trash the people whom he should support, what will he do to the rest of us? Romney has learned how to lie very, very well. His whole political career demonstrates one lie after another.

If you love your country, get out there and tell people that Romney is a fake, and we must not support him. Heck, if Romney gets the nomination, I may write in Alan Keyes! How about it, folks?

Pat Ann

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