In his foreword to Peter Feaman’s new book, “The Next Nightmare: How Political Correctness Will Destroy America,” Allen West displays his own succinct understanding of Islam:

“In service to my country, I have fought, first hand, the ideology of Islamic totalitarianism,” West writes, “and while all Muslims are not Islamic totalitarians in the same way that all Germans were not Nazis in the 1930s and ’40s, we cannot let political correctness blind us to certain realities: namely, that there is a percentage of Muslims, both in the United States and abroad, who actively seek the destruction of America.”

Would that the American president had the courage to say such, but that’s another discussion.

What we now know is that, yes, an unknown percentage wishes us harm, but fortunately, there are men like West and Feaman who aren’t afraid to say so. Peter Feaman is to be applauded for putting himself out there to warn his fellow citizens about the raging political correctness that has weakened the nation at least as much as the election of Barack Obama.

(It would also be easy to say that it is Feaman’s succinctness – the book is only 122 quick pages long – that is his greatest achievement, but in fact I believe it to be the power of his words, with which he doesn’t waste time explaining the ghastly dangers lurking if we don’t wake up.)

Early on, Feaman hits the nail on the head by telling us something too many of us didn’t know: “This book is a plea to all Americans of all religions and backgrounds reminding them that the fight has not ended [with the death of Osama Bin Laden] and informing them that the fight did not begin when most Americans thought it did.”


He also writes that “there is a monster on the loose” that the press, president, and largely, Congress, will not address. Feaman then makes a fascinating point, naming a whole host of countries where people are being murdered in the name of Allah: Kenya, Malaysia, Bosnia – this is truly a global jihad.

Feaman’s thesis reminds me of an Israeli friend, who once explained this threat to me: “The media talk about a conflict over here in Kosovo, or they talk about some localized thing going on in Yemen, as if that’s all it is: regional conflict. It’s like talking about some battles in Europe and the Pacific during the 1940s. No, it’s World War II!”

We are heading for World War III unless some pundits and politicians can find the moral courage possessed by folks like Peter Feaman.

In “The Next Nightmare,” the author recounts obscure yet horrific stories, such as the savage attack on four teenage girls in Indonesia. As they were walking to school, the girls were set upon by masked murderers, who beheaded three of the girls.

If you hold your breath waiting for Brian Williams, Oprah or Katie Couric to inform you of this brutality that is sweeping the globe, you won’t last long.

Feaman doesn’t stop with just recounting these stories, though. He provides thoughtful analysis. For example, after posting a headline from 2008: “Hamas Cleric Predicts Rome Will Be Conquered by Islam,” Feaman reasons that this same Palestinian terror entity is linked to the Palestinian Authority, and Barack Obama bullies Israel into negotiating with such deviants.

Think about that. Avowed enemies of freedom-loving peoples actually put on display their Middle Ages mindset, using names like “crusader” to describe many of us. They actually believe they will overrun the Vatican one day with their armies, yet former (Jimmy Carter) and current American presidents fawn over them.

I cannot emphasize enough how good Feaman’s book is. In Chapter 4 (“The Enemy Within: Islamic Supremacists in the United States and Their Unwitting Collaborators –The Media and the Academic Left”), he lays the groundwork for the worldview of our leftist mainstream media.

For example, Feaman quotes USA Today columnist Julianne Malveaux, who wrote about the Republican candidate for president four years ago: “I hope his wife feeds him lots of eggs and butter and he dies early, like many black men do, of heart disease.”

Outrageous. Point being, the mind that hatched that sick diatribe is representative of those who will then whitewash Islam. This is what we are dealing with in this country: disinformation and misinformation on a massive scale.

Feaman also describes such groups as the Muslim Student Association, which supports and funds Islamic supremacists in the United States. He makes it clear that these groups use American tolerance against the very country that has given it freedom to operate. He rightly calls it “America’s Trojan Horse.”

In this era, we are in the fight of our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren, who we hope and pray will not have to face Muslim hordes at the gates of Vienna (or the Vatican). If you only have time to read one book this year about the threat of Islam to our great nation, make sure it is Peter Feaman’s “The Next Nightmare.”

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