There are real issues facing our country, and I’m flabbergasted at the amount of energy spent on the “Where’s the real birth certificate” campaign.

Ignorance is the most destructive force in our society today. Wake up people and realize you are the problem. You are sleeping in a bed of violence. You thrive on destruction. Where is your helping hand? You sit back and criticize and murder any real change. You are not free. You are not America. You are fear. You are hate. You are greed, and you will destroy any glimmer of hope for this country.

We live in a country that doesn’t take care of its children, elderly or sick. We are not the greatest country in the world. We are a country for the rich, by the rich. Our greed is our greatest enemy. So please stop these petty games. But, I know you will not because you want what you want, and you will mow down anyone that stands in your way.

Isn’t this our legacy? We stole this country. Remember? So, again, wake up! We are not honorable. We are not great. We are lost. We will never be content, and the world will suffer for our lust for more.

Chuck Lastor

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