I would like to extend my thanks to WND for being forthright and honest about the recent tirade on “Hannity” provided by buffoon Bob Beckel over the Head Start program when he vehemently dropped an F-bomb directly aimed at Jennifer Stefano, a tea-party representative, in a supposedly civilized debate of the issue.

It is odd to me that the penchant shown for such anti-electorate behavior and lack of the simplest civility seemingly originates exclusively from the left. I cannot understand why some think it apparently “cute” when the vice president drops his favorite epithet. It is not amusing to me nor, would I think, many other American citizens sick of this administration and its foul nature. Something ought to be done about it, and hopefully will in November.

Bob Beckel is an embarrassment even in the Democratic Party, as is this entire administration. It shows a marked hatred for all who have the temerity to hold dissenting points of view – a prime reason to rid ourselves of these elitist pond scum. Were I to say that in a public forum, it would likely be censored, but denial does not eliminate truth, no matter how hard the left is trying to do so.

Thanks again for being honest and forthright enough to let us all see what cretins these people truly are and why we need rid ourselves of them, ASAP!

Brian Rich

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