I am very much a new reader to WND – my father introduced me to your site after purchasing some of your books and subscribing to your newsletters via email.

I have to say THANK YOU! Please pass along my thanks to the owner(s) and creator(s) of this amazing organization. I pray daily and often, and pray that this site and all it does is blessed and continues to grow. May it never falter!

As a Catholic Christian conservative, I find complete solace in your site, and absolutely love the Facebook tweets I get on my account after liking it. I find myself wanting to re-share/post everything on it, but know – sigh – that that would just turn people off (too many not like-minded unfortunately). That will change, I pray, as I continue to share what I’ve learned from you.

What I love about your site most of all is how relevant all of your articles truly are – every single one of them! Unlike Drudge, which can sometimes be unfriendly to Christian, “right-wing” activists or is just plain exploitative at times, your site ALWAYS remembers the Judeo-Christian principles in which it (seems) it was founded. And just like the Constitution, I can tell that your site was founded on certain principles because all of your articles abide by these same, certain principles which respect all people, life and liberty.

Bravo! And thank you!

Amber Sotomayor

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