About a year ago, members of the Iraqi army killed 34 members of the People’s Mujahedin of Iran at Camp Ashraf. The story drew little coverage but serves as a symbol of countless mistakes from both the Bush and Obama administrations in Iraq.

That’s the opinion of retired U.S. Army Col. Wesley Martin, who was commander of Camp Ashraf at the time of the massacre. Martin explains why he’s outraged that the Iranian group was considered a terrorist group by our own government at the time and still is today.

“The hypocrisy runs deep. Iraq is going to pull further away from the U.S. The only reason they’re holding on to us now is because of the financial help going over there,” Martin told WND.

He also offers his blunt response to the official government response that removing the terrorist label on such groups would risk more involvement from Iran inside Iraq.

Martin also explains why he is very pessimistic about the future of Iraq, why he expects Iraq to drift further away from the U.S. and why many of the problems there stem from mistakes made by the U.S. before the war even began.

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