Dear Mr. Farah: I just read the new WND story “GOP lawmaker: Eligibility too scary to take on.”

It needs to be made clear to these “leaders” that if (or since) they do not have the courage to do their jobs, they are not qualified to hold their jobs. We don’t elect them to be chickens. (I’m being polite).

Evidently, they would rather lose their society than have a constitutional crisis.

As this Kirk Adams guy skated around, at least he was honest about the fact that he was skating around, but that’s not good enough. These punks will use ANY excuse to avoid doing their jobs – “Well, let’s let the legal system play out.” What a crock! It’s gone as far as We the People can take it!

Next I expect to see Adams standing on his head, and saying, “I can’t take up this issue because I’m standing on my head.” If it gets any worse, that’s where we will be.

They want to “hold” the job; they want the pay and the prestige – they just don’t want to DO their jobs. They need to be forced to admit that the job is too big for them and get out.

“Let the service men and women get out there and shed blood defending our country, but I don’t want to get all messy defending the country. I just want the nice cushy job and the title of congressman.” Adams needs to be told that he is not qualified to hold office due to a lack of courage.

“Corsi for Congress.” Or “Arpaio for Congress.” That’s what I say.

Patrick Cowdrey

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