Along with my family, I watched the trailer for the Joel Gilbert film [“Film: President’s father not Barack Obama”], and we see no resemblance at all between Frank Marshall Davis and Barack Obama. Both are males of color; that’s it. The pairing looks as random as the haphazard selection of two males on different subway cars. Gilbert’s cinematic comparison is both forced and ludicrous on its face.

There is, on the other hand, a substantial resemblance between Kenyan Barack Obama Sr. and his acknowledged son, Barack Hussein Obama. Not to mention all the other evidence of Obama’s paternity, including his adoring grandmother and her kinship group in Kenya.

I give Mr. Gilbert credit for trying to make a buck in the spirit of P.T. Barnum. Gilbert’s fairy tale flies perfectly as a comedic hoax.

Meanwhile, who would be surprised if it were found that Obamaites like Ayers or Axelrod were behind this ridiculous attempt to upset the investigation by Sheriff Arpaio’s posse? Indeed, the timing of this film’s debut may telegraph the frantic desperation of the Obama camp as Arpaio’s solid case for disqualifying the Impostor in Chief proceeds apace.

Ann B.

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