While the death of Trayvon Martin is still generating major news commentary, one report indicates that since his death, 1,018 young blacks have died at the hands of other blacks. But even that pales in light of this wrenchingly shocking truth. Nevertheless, the media and “civil rights leaders” are relentlessly playing the race card.

As the principal speaker at a tea-party rally last weekend, I decided to open my speech by playing the race card: “Who am I, and what am I doing at a tea-party rally? You tea-party members have been accused of many things, including being racist. So, this is what you get for not watching TV. I guess you all didn’t know I was black, huh?!” Apparently they did, because they seemed to get a big kick out of the line.

I was there not because I am black but because, like many of you, I believe in the true definition of conservative values, not the liberal slant given the term. I decided to add to my speech, titled, “Why Do I Believe America is the Greatest Country on Earth?,” the answer to a question many white conservatives have asked me over the years: “Why does there seem to be a concerted effort by the media and civil rights leaders to paint Republicans and/or conservatives as racists?” The answer is relatively short and simple.

There are two main reasons why Democrat strategists, liberal spokespersons and so-called civil rights leaders attempt to label tea-party members, Republicans and conservatives “racists.” They are well aware that the overwhelming majority of Americans are opposed to and strongly condemn racism, so these tacticians make every effort to make the racist label appear legitimate and/or deserved. They know if it sticks it is the kiss of death for a politician or movement. If the critics were right, an avowed racist candidate would win by a landslide. But just imagine a “proud member of the KKK” from the White Citizens Council running for office on a platform of “returning America to those thrilling pre-civil rights days of yesteryear.” Talk about being dead in the water!

The second reason, however, is more insidious and has been amazingly effective. Charges of “racist” or “racism” are used to generate and perpetuate white guilt. Liberals, especially in the media and the academic community, are extremely adept at utilizing this tactic. Since Americans as a general rule are extremely fair minded and disapprove of racism (and the stain of slavery on America’s past) so strongly, they bend over backward and go out of their way to avoid any hint of behavior that could be construed as racist. However, the moment a white racist or black Uncle Tom objects to unjust criticism of, and speaks out in defense of, American values, the media and critics bring out the charges and vitriolic diatribes.

Is there a solution? The answer to that question is a resounding “Yes!” There are positive workable solutions to most of the problems we face today, even in the racial potpourri continually stirred up by the left.

Blacks (since FDR) traditionally vote for Democrats. Before that (when permitted) they voted 100 percent Republican. In the last presidential election, they voted (unsurprisingly) overwhelmingly Democrat.

However, here is an interesting paradox: In a survey taken recently involving moral issues, black voters were polled on such issues as school prayer, education vouchers, faith-based initiatives, race-based preferences, same sex marriage and the death penalty (there were eight issues altogether). On all of the moral issues polled, blacks (who voted 96-98 percent Democrat in the last election) voted against the Democrat positions on every single issue. In other words, blacks vote on the left (liberal) but believe on the right (conservative).

The solution to America’s problems is more R&R. Not rest and relaxation, but the revitalization and restoration of the American Dream by people who still appreciate, respect and apply the various elements of that dream. Part of the problem today is that Americans, black and white, have been led astray. Thus, many have forgotten or never knew who we are and what Americans are capable of. A people without a vision, without hope, without the expectation of something better, will perish.

Take voting, for example. The right to vote is not something to be taken lightly. In many countries, people are dying in the attempt to secure that right. For me, voting is extremely personal. It was not until 1996, when the U.S. Supreme Court declared the poll tax unconstitutional, that even as a member of the United Sates Air Force I could walk into a Texas voting booth and cast my vote without having to pay for the right.

This is 21st century America. Times have changed, dramatically. The unvarnished truth of the matter is, today you can essentially be just what you believe you can be. Let me just say, American is not just a name, it is a state of mind. As an American (not a hyphenated American – my folks are from Texas, not Africa), I can choose who and what I want to be, and no one (including the government) has any God-given or constitutional right to stop me.

We must address two of the major stumbling blocks we face today – negativism and ignorance; negativity hinders and ignorance kills. Let’s tell it like it is, consistently. Truth liberates.

You can choose: Get your face on a magazine cover of a wanted poster, get a military ID number or an inmate ID number in prison, spend your life on welfare with your hand in your pocket, or develop the deep pockets that people are trying to get their hands into. If you are willing to pay the price, you can choose the destination, board the freedom train and ride to victory. I know that is true because I read it in a book. I wrote it. (It’s called “Plain Bread,” the journey of an angry, agnostic, anti-American black militant to a living faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and a love for America rooted in firsthand knowledge.)

Like many of you, I still believe America is the wellspring of freedom and the American Dream, the way to improve one’s lot in life. After personally spending time on the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe, as well as visiting Central and South America, I go on record to declare freely and without reservation that America is the greatest nation on the face of the earth, bar none.

I pointed out there, as I do here, that letters, speeches and marches are wonderful, but the rally is before an event and marches end. By all means, let us write letters, march, hear and/or make speeches, but in the final analysis, it comes down to this – as citizens of this great republic, each of us must get personally involved in helping determine the future of America. We cannot, we dare not, leave the future of America in the hands of professional politicians.

Remember, before you made them so, professional politicians were citizens like you.
You are the future, and the future is now.

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