Mr. Kovacs,

It is about time Mr. Limbaugh and everyone else wakes up [“Mystery ‘Obama minions’ message spooks Rush”]. What was done to his phone is child’s play. In this digital age, it’s easy for someone to do that. I do believe Rush has been sent a message, and it’s from the top. If not from the White House itself, certainly from the DNC. They meant what they said. The techs who do this are dark players of games, with dark masters.

Rush needs to be extra vigilant. Everything should be recorded, in duplicate, and copies kept offsite (NOT in the “cloud,” which is accessible, but in physical form, away from his home). Next time, it could be a lot worse. They could get him in a lot of legal trouble, or worse.

I expect pressure to ramp up in the next few months, with worse dirty tricks than this.

With radio, TV and everything else digitized, it is child’s play to rearrange messages, manufacture messages or make them disappear.


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