On Monday, President Obama raised many eyebrows by claiming the Supreme Court would be taking an unprecedented, activist step by striking down all or part of his health-care laws. Fierce criticism ensued and the administration has sought to water down those words for the rest of the week.

Rep. Michael C. Burgess (R-Texas) is a longtime physician and says Obama likely failed to influence any of the justices if that was his intent. Burgess also speculates whether Justice Elena Kagan may have tipped off the administration as to the way this decision could go.

“I have no way of knowing this but  the newest hire on the court was just a few months ago was an administration insider and cheerleader for the president’s health-care law. You gotta wonder if there’s been some back channel communication,” Burgess told WND.

He also wonders why Obama is claiming the courts can’t strike down Obamacare while simultaneously asking federal courts to declare the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.

Burgess says without action by the Supreme Court or major changes mandated by voters in November, the full enactment of Obamacare will “crater the ship of state.”

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