Mr. Farah,

I am a Bible-believing Christian, was born-again in 1979. I have studied the Bible for three decades. I allow the Bible to interpret itself. Your use of Old Testament passages, specifically dealing with the Jews’ return to their homeland from the Babylonian captivity, are the ONLY prophecies regarding such history in the OT. You are the one, with so many, who twists the Scriptures to teach what they plainly do not [“To those Israel-rejecting Christians …”].

Jesus, Himself, stated numerous times (you must be aware of) that the kingdom would be taken from the Jews and given to others to produce the fruit God expects, and that “your [their] house” would be left unto them desolate. The prophecy of Daniel 9 proves Christ is the Messiah and predicts the fall of Israel, and with the stoning of Stephen in A.D. 34, the prophecy concerning the cutting off of literal Israel was complete. The Temple came down with no stone left upon another in A.D. 70, and the Church, made up of both Jew and Gentile, went on to be a vastly populated converted Gentile body of believers adopted into spiritual Israel. If that is not both historic, prophetic and spiritual “replacement,” I do not know what could be.

I am a Sabbath-keeper. I clearly see the anti-Jewish spirit filling the world. I abhor it. I clearly see prophetic forebodings in it all, but I refuse to be intimidated by false theology that proclaims I must support a people who said “let His blood be on our heads, we have no king but Caesar.” Romans 11 must be understood in harmony with Romans 9 and 10, as well. When placed in its context, no special place for literal Israel exists. It is spiritual Israel (Galatians 6:15,16) that carries the torch of truth into the world, and shall to its end. That is an Israel made up of born-again Jews and Gentiles, the body of Christ, where there IS no Jew or Gentile, but all are one in Christ Jesus (Galatians 3:27-29). Are you a “new creature” in Christ? Then you are the Israel of God. There is no other of importance to God.

The torch has been passed to the church, those called out, like Abraham, by faith, being the body of Christ. They are the Israel of God. No literal nation shall ever again be God’s representative on earth. Misapplication of Old Testament prophecies to reach beyond Babylonian captivity and return cannot change that fact.

Ray Frigon

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