WASHINGTON – Are you afraid of being called a “right-wing extremist”?
If so, you probably want to stop right here.

If not, check out the latest patriotic memorabilia from the WND SuperStore.

That’s right. It’s the season for flags. Memorial Day is right around the corner. Then comes Flag Day in June. Then the granddaddy of all patriotic holidays, Independence Day will be here before you know it.

Are you prepared to show your colors? And those colors extend beyond the old red, white and blue.

It’s an election year, too! And many are concerned about the future of our country, which is in a state of utter distress.

There’s plenty of options from which to choose in the WND SuperStore’s expanded flag department – otherwise known around these parts as “the flag store.” And if that’s all too hard to remember, just go to WNDFLAGS.com.

You can choose from several versions and sizes of the standard 50-star American flag, or the old Navy Jack, or the Betsy Ross version, or the message that may seem most appropriate in this age of bailouts and trillion-dollar “stimulus packages,” “Don’t Tread on Me.” The latter comes in two varieties – Culpepper and Gadsden. If you haven’t been to the “flag store” lately, you haven’t seen some of our newest and most exciting entries.

In fact, the WND SuperStore’s flag department now provides you with 45 choices – flags in all shapes, sizes, designs and colors. The WND Flag Store even has poles and equipment for flying your flag.

Check them all out at the new flag department of the WND SuperStore. They are all quality made, believe it or not, right here in the good old USA.

Just try finding quality flags made in the USA at great prices anywhere else.

Go to the WND SuperStore flag department now!

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