Obama is going to continue to be our president four more years – just face it. Why don’t you spend your time investigating the real damage to our country – the Congress? And by the way, where were you when President Bush was starting a war in a country that did not attack us – and he did not ever catch the one who did attack? I might remind you that it was President Obama who caught the one who attacked our country.

Since you are so into the Constitution what happened to you? Or do you just use the Constitution for convenience? Bush attacked a country that did not attack us. The Constitution says you do not ever attack a country that has not attacked us – Bush did. Where were you? To me it’s as if Bush had killed and injured all those soldiers.

Think real hard about this … and I might add if you are going to be applying the Constitution to your beliefs, please do it right and don’t just apply it to people you do not like. I have not seen anything in the Constitution that says it only applies to people one does not like. GROW UP!

Isabel Castillo

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