Over the past several days, more and more instances of astonishing waste of taxpayer dollars by the General Services Administration (GSA) have come to light – from lavish parties in Las Vegas to week-long trips to Hawaii for just one hour of official business.

Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) is chairman of the Transportation subcommittee with jurisdiction over the GSA. He explains why he thinks there are many more flagrant examples of waste yet to be uncovered and why this level of corruption is not just par for the course.

“It has never been this type of lavish spending, there certainly has been a lack of oversight … but none of the gross misuse of taxpayer dollars that we’re seeing today,” Denham told WND.

Denham previews the hearings he is planning to lead and the questions he wants answered. He tells us what power Congress has to respond to all this and offers his assessment of whether President Obama’s outrage at this waste is genuine.

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