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Holder: Voter fraud 'does not really exist'

A video has been posted online that reveals Attorney General Eric Holder says voter fraud “does not really exist,” even as another video shows that a man was offered Holder’s own ballot in a Washington election.

The evidence of voter fraud issues was created by Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, who released videos from three states that show his undercover colleagues easily gaining access to ballots for dead and living people and even registering to vote as Tim Tebow and Tom Brady.

Thus far, O’Keefe’s efforts have been dismissed by the Justice Department and Attorney General Eric Holder himself. The latest Project Veritas video shows a young white man getting easy access to Holder’s ballot in the District of Columbia primary on April 3 since no photo identification is required.

He said he’s just “trying to show the weaknesses in the system and show it’s so incredibly easy to commit voter fraud.

“We’re going into the District of Columbia and exposing the most powerful legal position in the country, his own personal ballot is being comprised,” O’Keefe told WND.

He says the Justice Department reacted by describing the video as a “stunt.”

“This manifestly damning video wrecks the narrative of the ideological hacks working in the Justice Department,” exclaimed O’Keefe.

Holder’s comment comes in an interview on an MSNBC program called Politicsnation.

The advocate for open voting showed a video of Holder noting that, voter ID, which is being pursued by a number of states, addressed a problem “that does not really exist.”

Holder said states’ desire to make sure of the integrity of an election by preventing voter fraud is “unnecessary.”

In fact, he noted that voting is a constitutional right.

O’Keefe noted that Democrats in states where Voter ID procedures have been developed are outraged by the proposals to make secure the election process.

The O’Keefe video revealing the access to Obama’s ballot:

The video on Holder’s comments:

And here is an explanation from O’Keefe about what he’s revealing with his video: