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Is voter fraud a one-way street?

WASHINGTON – The Democratic National Committee is not going to like this bumper sticker.

Neither will Media Matters – or is that redundant?

It’s a protest against voter fraud and proclaims “Dead Men Vote Democrat.” But you’ve got to see it to fully appreciate it.

Have you ever noticed that one of the two major political parties is almost uniformly opposed to voter identification requirements? After all, you need an official photo ID to cash a check, to get on an airplane, to open a bank account. What is so objectionable about presenting one to show you are a legitimate, registered voter – and not an impostor?

Ask a Democrat.

One of the reasons they don’t like voter ID laws is because they prevent dead men from voting – as dead Democrats have been doing since the days of the original Chicago Mayor Richard Daley back in 1960, dead votes that may have swung a presidential election.

Barack Obama objected to showing ID to prove his presidency was legitimate. And when he did, the only law enforcement investigation that examined the document found it to be fraudulent.

It’s time to say it loud and clear. It’s time to protest fraudulent elections in every form.

Put this bumper sticker on your car or your refrigerator or your office file cabinet this campaign season.

“Dead Men Vote Democrat” – another exclusive creation from the WND Superstore.

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