Joe the plumber needs to dust his Bible off and start reading how God describes what a true Christian looks like [“Joe the plumber: Obama ‘blessed by God'”].

A true Christian hates what God hates and loves what God loves. While God calls homosexuality an abomination, Obama condones it. While God condemns same-sex marriages, Obama approves of them. While God condemns the killing of babies through the cruel procedures of abortion, Obama approves of the killing of babies both inside and outside the womb and at any trimester.

Sorry, Joe, but Obama has proved by his ignoring what God condemns that he is only a “professing” Christian, and not a “possessing” one. A true Christian does not habitually lie and deceive people, as Obama has done and continues to do. Nor does a true Christian continue to ignore the precepts of a holy and sovereign God to do their own will instead of God’s will, as Obama has consistently done.

It looks like Obama has been able to fool Joe about who Obama really is just like the usurper has been able to fool many of the politicians on both sides of the aisle! We don’t need more politicians running for office that are as easily deceived about Obama as those presently in office!

Larry F.

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